Yue (Michael) Ying

A portrait of Yue (Michael) Ying

Welcome to my page! I currently work as a researcher at NERSC. I am interested in multiscale dynamical systems and their predictability limits, and developing data assimilation methods to improve prediction skills.

My research career started at Peking University where I studied tropical cyclone structural changes with Dr. Qinghong Zhang. I have my PhD from Pennsylvania State University where I worked with Dr. Fuqing Zhang to study tropical weather predictability with a special focus on data assimilation. Later, I worked as an ASP postdoc at NCAR, and collaborated with Dr. Jeffrey Anderson to develop a new multiscale data assimilation method for the prediction of complex systems. Now I am exploring data assimilation ideas for several Earth-system components: sea ice, ocean, biogeochemistry, and the atmosphere, collaborating with domain experts at NERSC to develop a seamless coupled prediction system.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF).

Contact info:
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Jahnebakken 3, 5007 Bergen, Norway
Email: yue.ying@nersc.no

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